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Paint to Help Sell Your Home

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Paint Colours to Help Sell Your Home

With Spring fast approaching many of us are thinking about Spring cleaning and sprucing up our homes. Spring also means that many people are thinking it may be time to sell their home and painting is a great way to help prepare and maybe even sell quicker. There are so many options but today we are going to touch on paint to help sell your home.

Prospective buyers are often influenced my the way a home feels when they walk in or tour the rooms. We all know that you are supposed to look at the potential that a space has when looking to buy but subconsciously esthetics play a large role in many peoples decisions. Lets be honest first impressions are everything when looking to sell your home.

In general you should think about using neutral colours to make your space a canvas that buyers can work from when thinking about décor and how their belongings will fit into the home. Now we know that when people hear neutral they think of the lackluster whites and beige, but that’s not true. There are so many colour options that can become overwhelming but that why we are here to help.

Sherwin Williams – Alabaster

Alabaster is a white tone that was one of Sherwin Williams Colours of the Year for 2016.  This neutral is a great base colour to use when preparing your home to sell.  There is no blue undertones and it provides a warm and inviting feel. It pairs well with many other colours that can act as an accent in your space.


Benjamin Moore – Chelsea Gray

Chelsea Gray is the boldest of our colour picks.  We like this colour because it is versatile and pairs well with other greige tones that have been the rage in the last few years.  This Gray is bold and provides depth to any space.  It can be used as an accent wall colour or a whole room colour scheme if you aren’t afraid to be bold.


Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray

If you are looking for a soft gray with a beige or taupe undertone repose gray is a great choice.  It falls in the middle of the warmth spectrum not being warm but not cold.


Benjamin Moore – Silver Fox

Silver fox is another great colour.  It isn’t silver as the name may make you think. It is more of a gray beige that gives you that warm and cozy feel that everyone is looking for. This colour is a great pick if you looking to warm up your space.


Bedroom Paint Picks

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. A Bedroom should be your oasis. A place where you go to rest and relax after a long day of work or running around with the kids. There are so many different ways to make your space warm and inviting but today we thought we’d touch on our top bedroom paint picks.

Bedroom Paint Picks

Domain Decorating’s Bedroom Paint Picks

Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore is a great choice for a bedroom. It is a dark neutral that can be paired with many different accents and looks great with white trim and mouldings. This dark neutral can be very inviting and warm.


BM Chelsea Gray

BM Chelsea Gray

Image from Décor Pad

Benjamin Moore’s Smoke is another great choice for a bedroom. It brings a simple elegance making if one of our favourites on our top bedroom picks list. Paired with a white or silver a beautiful statement can be made.

BM Smoke

BM Smoke

Image from Homebunch

If you are looking for something more contemporary we like Benjamin Moore’s Evening Dove. This dark blue gives a crisp clean look and looks great with a variety of different accent colours.

BM Evening Dove

BM Evening Dove

Image from Deloreme Designs

Tranquility is how Benjamin Moore describes our next bedroom paint pick. Quiet Moments is said to inspire quiet meditation and is a great colour selection if you’re looking to create an elegant soothing space.

BM Cool Moments

BM Cool Moments

Image from Laura Trevy

Dark Purple is a very glamourous colour. We love this for a master suite. Its dark tone provides a great sense of warmth especially for those cold winter nights.

BM Dark Purple

BM Dark Purple

Image from Kylie M Interiors

No matter your style or colour preference the options are endless.  Here at Domain Decorating we are here to help your vision come to life.  We offer one on one service to help you select the perfect colour for your space.  Contact us today for a free quote.

For more design ideas or colour tips follow up on Instagram or like us on Facebook.


Cabinetry Paint Colours.

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Painted cabinetry has become very popular when renovating or updating homes.  We have compiled a list our favourite cabinetry paint colours with many different options depending on your individual preference.

CabinetryPaint Colours

Cabinetry Favourites

Choosing a basic white can be a very daunting task as there are so many shades and undertones to choose from.  Two of our favourite whites are Sherwin Williams Pure White and Benjamin Moores Decorators White. Pure White is softer with more of a beige undertone whereas Decorators White is more contemporary.

CabinetryPaint Colours

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Photo From Linda McDougald Design

CabinetryPaint Colours

Benjamin Moore Decorators White

Photo From Boston Magazine

The use of the grey and beige has also transitioned into painted cabinetry selections with two of our favourites being Benjamin Moores Field Stone and Coventry Grey.  Field stone is more of a warm beige grey whereas Coventry Grey has a cooler colour base but both look great when accented with whites and stainless fixtures.

CabinetryPaint Colours

Benjamin Moore Field Stone

Photo From Cote de Texas

CabinetryPaint Colours

Benjamin Moore Coventry Grey

Photo From Design Manifest

If you are looking for something darker or more rich in colour, we suggest Benjamin Moores Hale Navy or Deep Silver.  Navy has been making a comeback in décor and home updates and its a great colour choice.  If your not sure try painting a bathroom vanity or just your island this colour it looks great as a statement or accent colour.

CabinetryPaint Colours

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Photo From Sealy Design

CabinetryPaint Colours

Benjamin Moore Deep Silver

Photo From Gerry Smith Architect

There are so many different cabinetry paint colours available but these are just a few that we’ve chosen to highlight.

Paint vs. Stain on Wooden Decks

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With summer quickly approaching and the good weather making more frequent appearances many people are starting to think about refreshing an old wooden deck or maybe even building a new one.

There are many things to think about when deciding to use paint vs. stain on wooden decks. Wood has many great features and characteristics making it a favourite for many opting to build a deck. As there are so many different things to consider we thought we’d help you out by highlighting the pro and cons of each method.

Leaving your deck unfinished is an option with certain types of woods but generally we suggest applying a sealer, stain or even paint to protect your surface. Unfinished surfaces tend to crack, warp and even rot earlier than if the wood had been protected. Spending a little more money early on can save you lots in repairs and maintenance in the future.

Painting Your Deck:


  • Paint gives you many different colour options and can thoroughly cover old colours if the deck has been painted in the past.
  • Depending on the finish and colour of the paint, it may make it easier to clean the deck. (Light coloured paints are going to be more difficult to maintain)
  • If there are any imperfections in the wood paint can mask this and fill any grooves as it is often thicker than stains and sealers.
  • If you’ve had to add new boards paint will hide them as though they were never replaced.


  • Once you choose to paint your deck it’s very hard to undo that decision without labour intensive work so be sure that paint is what you want before putting on that first coat.
  • Paint will hide the natural characteristics of the wood. We often choose wood for its natural beauty and paint will hide this.
  • Painted surfaces often become slippery when wet especially if glossy or semi-gloss paint is used so be aware of the finish you choose.
Painted Deck - Image from

Painted Deck – Image from:

Staining / Sealing Your Deck


  • Stain maintains the natural beauty of the wood
  • Stain creates a less slippery surface than paint
  • The application of stain is often easier as it is thinner than many paints and is more forgiving if you are to miss a section. In general stain is easier to work with in this type of application.


  • Paint will often stand up longer thus stain requires more frequent reapplications.
  • If you’re looking to hide any imperfections stain will not often do so as it enhances the colour of the wood versus hiding it. (What is a pro can also be a con depending on what you are looking for)
  • You have to be careful with your colour selection and application of stain. If you have replaced some board and are using a light colour you will see the colour variation clearly.   As well, you need to be careful when first staining the crevices because if too much stain gets on the top surface the colour along the edges will darken.
Stained Deck - Image from:

Stained Deck – Image from:

As you can see both options have some great characteristics. When choosing between paint and stain you need to look at your needs and what suits your outdoor space the best.

At Domain Decorating we love the natural beauty of wood and often look to enhance it using stains and sealer but paint is another great option depending on your needs.

We are always here to help no matter your painting needs so feel free to contact us if you are looking to update your outdoor living space and want to leave the work to the professionals.

Adding Warmth With Wood.

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Adding wood elements to your home is a great way to add warmth.  Solid wood accents can be added with mantels, railings, beams and even ceilings.  There are so many ways to bring the warmth of wood indoors into your home to create a beautiful and inviting space for your family.

Today we thought that we’d share some wood elements from homes that we’ve recently worked on.  These are some great examples of adding warmth with wood.

Homestar Designs

Here is a home we completed with Homestar Designs. You can see the beautifully stained wood mantel, beams and ceiling. This room is very warm and the presence of wood brings a classic elegance.

Gallery Homes

This is a kitchen in a home that we completed with Gallery Homes. You can see here that the beams are accented by using a different colour on the wood ceilings. As well, the windows are cased with stained wood versus painted mouldings. These wood accents add a country feel to a classic space.

Homestar Designs

Here is an open concept kitchen with a country feel. The simple white walls and cabinetry are beautifully complimented by the two different tones of wood on the ceilings and beams. This wood ceiling opens up the space more that a solid painted ceiling would. This home was completed by Homestar Designs.

Homestar Designs

Here you can see some wood brought into the space with the dark stained door and trim as well as the stairs and railings. This is another home we worked on with Homestar Designs.

The options are endless if you are thinking of adding wood to the interior of your home.  There are so many ways to update your space using wood or refinishing your wood surface.

Our team at Domain Decorating are here to help you with all your wood needs so please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions of for a free estimate on your upcoming project.

Accent Wall Ideas

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Accent walls are an easy way to add colour or visual intrigue to a room without over powering the space. They allow you to experiment with bold colours and textures.

An accent wall can be used to highlight an architectural feature, define a space in an open concept plan, create a focal point in a room at a fireplace or shelf, and can be used to highlight a piece of artwork.  When you walk into a room the accent wall will command the eye and bring your attention to that space.

We suggest picking an accent colour from fabrics or art pieces in the room. You can choose your favourite colour from a throw pillow or art print. You can also choose a colour that will help transition from one space to the next in your home. An accent wall can be used as a way to create flow between different rooms and colour palates used in each.

Here are some different accent wall ideas that we’ve put together .

Solid Colours


Vibrant colours will make a bold statement, whereas darker colours will create a more dramatic and mature effect. If you are looking for something more subtle you can use a deeper shade of the colour used in the rest of the space. This will break up the space without drawing as much attention. {photo from Beyond Clutter Designs}


Homestar - High Point Lot 37 (2)

Wallpaper will allow you to add more texture and print into a space. There are many different choices and you are sure to find something that will suite your home.

Colour Blocking

You can add an accent wall using colour blocking or multiple colours. You could add a striped wall or try something more geometric like a chevron pattern. Depending on the style of your home there are many different ways you can accent a wall with multiple colours or shades.

Faux Wallpaper


Many people have accented a wall using a stencil and a combination of different paint sheens making a faux wallpaper appearance that is subtle but also has quite the impact. {photo found on}

Stone or Tile Accents


A stone accent wall is a beautiful and sophisticated choice. It’s hard to go wrong when adding natural materials to indoor décor.


Whichever you choose, an accent wall will make a space more inviting and is a great way to change the appearance of a space without painting the whole room.


For more information or tips like us on Facebook or contact us to request a free quote for your home.

How to Prep a Wall for Paint

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Wall Prep

The correct preparation before painting a surface is key to a beautiful and long lasting paint job. We’ve compiled a list of things to do to ensure the best quality possible. For a flawless clean look you should follow a these simple steps on how to prep a wall for paint.

  1. Clear the space you are going to work in. Remove any furniture and décor items. Any items that cannot be removed should be moved to the centre of the room.
  2. Lay down a drop cloth (preferably cloth as it is not slippery) and cover any remaining furniture with plastic.
  3. Remove everything from the walls including pictures, nails, fixtures, electrical covers and window coverings
  4. Repair any damage with filler. Sand off the excess and clean up any dust. Sometimes larger repairs may require multiple coats, as filler and spackle tend to shrink when they dry.
  5. Smooth any uneven surfaces such as loose paint or left over spackle.
  6. Clean the walls using a mild cleaner. Avoid leaving any residue from the cleaner on the walls as this can have an effect on how the paint adheres to the surface. Follow up with a rinse using just water to ensure all cleaner is removed.
  7. Prime any spots that were filled so that they blend in to the new paint to ensure there is no shine in the spots that were repaired.
  8. Tape off any fixtures that could not be removed.
  9. We suggest using tape to remove any excess fluff on your roller before applying paint. This will avoid any small fibers in the paint that is applied to the wall.
  10. Depending on the current paint on the walls you may want to consider priming the entire surface. Primer is needed when covering oil based paints or paints with a gloss or semi-gloss finish.


Common Painting Mistakes

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Project with Homestar BC

There are some very common painting mistakes that novice painters commit frequently leaving a space looking less than perfect. There are a few simple tips that we’ve complied here at Domain Decorating that’ll assist you in making your painting projects easier and the finished product look great

Using cheap paints

Low costs paints are often low quality as well. These paints are difficult to apply and don’t usually stand the test of time. Your project will take longer and you’ll have to repaint much sooner. The original savings will cost you time and more money in the long run.

Not preparing your surface for paint

Even if your walls appear clean it is good to give your walls a wash. Clean walls allow for the easiest and smoothest application of paint. Correcting any flaws or imperfections in the walls is also important. Make sure if you fill any holes that you remember to prime them so they don’t have a different finish than the rest of the wall.

Using poor quality brushes and rollers

Just like cheap paint, cheap supplies will also cause your paint job to appear less than perfect. Poor quality rollers and brushes will make the job take longer and often you will be needing new brushes faster as the cheap ones start to fall apart and leave those pesky brush or roller fibres on the wall.

Applying your second coat to quick

Patience is key when taking on a home painting project. If you fail to allow adequate time to dry between coats you’ll often begin to see brush strokes in your paint or the paint will start to pull off the walls and appear patchy. All paints have different directions so make sure you know the recommended times for your product.

If this is all a bit too much for you, you could always hire a professional painter whose years of experience has taught them the tricks of the trade. At Domain Decorating we pride ourselves on our high quality paint and supplies. Our staff and their attention to detail is sure to get your project done to the highest of standards. We make sure we follow the above mentioned tips as well as many others that are required for a high quality paint project.

For more information or a free quote contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. For more tips or design ideas follow us on Facebook.

How to Pick a Painter

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A question that many people have is how do you choose the right painter?

It seems like a simple task of finding someone online or using the company that offers the best price. As a painter with 30 years of experience I’ve had to fix many other peoples mistakes, so it can’t be that easy. My tips for you on how to pick a painter are as follows:

1) Request an onsite estimate.

Often painters will give you a quote without seeing the job. This can lead to costly extras and additions that were not factored into the original cost. The painter who had what you though was a fair estimate may end up costing much more than anticipated.

2) Get the details in writing.

Once the onsite estimate has been completed request a written scope of work with the total estimated cost. This ensures everyone is on the same page and that the end goal is clear. If there are any details specific to your home ensure they are included.

3) Ask questions.

If you’ve got a question or concern be upfront and ask. If you’re concerned what will be caulked or if the painter will repair any existing wall damage, ask. Don’t be afraid to ask what type of paint is used or if the painter has any opinions on what you are looking to do. An experienced painter will be able to work with you to complete the job the most effective way.

4) Find out how long a company has been in business and if they have any references.

A company that has been around for some time has proven their ability and will be able to provide you references or direct you to examples of their prior work.

At Domain Decorating we stand by our work and want every project to be done at the highest quality. We have many return customers who have continued to call us back to their homes. We’ve been in business over 25 years so I think that speaks for itself. View our gallery or contact us now to request more information.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

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Do you know why you should hire a professional painter? These days everyone is looking for places to save money, and who can blame them? Times are tough and the last thing you want is to waste your valuable resources. Your nephew’s cousin says he knows a guy who can paint your house for half the price. Doesn’t it make sense to hire him instead?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. A good paint job will raise the value of your home, and a good paint job is a complex task. From start to finish the proper steps have to be applied at the right times, and these vary depending on both the surface involved and the environmental conditions surrounding it. Any number of mistakes can turn into thousands of dollars in complications.

Everyone knows you have to thoroughly wash a surface before you paint it, but how long does it take to fully dry? What happens when you get moisture in behind your paint? How many coats is enough to protect your surface? How long do you have to wait until you can apply the next coat? An experienced painter will have encountered all the problems before and will know how to prevent them before they occur. Your novice painter may be very talented, but this could be his first time working on a house like yours. Do you really want to take the risk of losing your investment?

An experienced painter has had years of feedback on his work. He knows which jobs looked the best over time, and he has adjusted his work accordingly. He will buy quality paint and equipment directly from the manufacturer. He will get the job done for you 100% of the time, no matter what. With a novice painter your money is less of an investment and more of a gamble. It might pay off, but can you afford the cost if it doesn’t?

When selecting a contractor you have to be diligent. Put in the extra time to research their past work. Do their clients give them praise? Do they get repeat business? Do the houses still look nice? Go out and see some of them for yourself. A good painter will satisfy your every curiosity about the process. A bad one will give you vague answers to hide his own ignorance.

We at Domain Decorating & Restoration stand by our work. You will see the pride we have in our profession. For us, painting is personal. We make every room shine. View our gallery or contact us now to request more information.