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Adding Warmth With Wood.

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Adding wood elements to your home is a great way to add warmth.  Solid wood accents can be added with mantels, railings, beams and even ceilings.  There are so many ways to bring the warmth of wood indoors into your home to create a beautiful and inviting space for your family.

Today we thought that we’d share some wood elements from homes that we’ve recently worked on.  These are some great examples of adding warmth with wood.

Homestar Designs

Here is a home we completed with Homestar Designs. You can see the beautifully stained wood mantel, beams and ceiling. This room is very warm and the presence of wood brings a classic elegance.

Gallery Homes

This is a kitchen in a home that we completed with Gallery Homes. You can see here that the beams are accented by using a different colour on the wood ceilings. As well, the windows are cased with stained wood versus painted mouldings. These wood accents add a country feel to a classic space.

Homestar Designs

Here is an open concept kitchen with a country feel. The simple white walls and cabinetry are beautifully complimented by the two different tones of wood on the ceilings and beams. This wood ceiling opens up the space more that a solid painted ceiling would. This home was completed by Homestar Designs.

Homestar Designs

Here you can see some wood brought into the space with the dark stained door and trim as well as the stairs and railings. This is another home we worked on with Homestar Designs.

The options are endless if you are thinking of adding wood to the interior of your home.  There are so many ways to update your space using wood or refinishing your wood surface.

Our team at Domain Decorating are here to help you with all your wood needs so please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions of for a free estimate on your upcoming project.